Males are blue with a bright white blaze on the head, upper body, and dorsal fin. They can be difficult to photo. Secondary males sometimes show an off-color greenish tint. 

The base price is for a 2.5 inch part color male. 

I need to clear these fish and I am sacrificing them at the lowest possible prices. 

Tank Group A: One 3" Male plus One 2.75" Sex Uncertain plus Four 2.75" Females (one is holding as of 7/22, 2021), plus four 2.5" Sex Uncertain

Tank Group B: One 3.5" Male plus One 3.25" Sex Uncertain plus One 2.75" Sex Uncertain plus Three 2.5" Sex Uncertain, plus three 2.5" Females (one is holding as of 7/22/2021) 

This fish cannot be fed Extreme Cichlid Nano food.  

Feed live baby brine shrimp until 2" then fed Extreme Cichlid PeeWee for best color results. 

Slow to grow under 2 inches. 

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Copadichromis Mloto Lupingu (Europe)

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