• Aulonocara Koningsi Mbenjii (Rare)

Males are blue with some yellow on the lower body and yellow on the tail. This fish is sometimes referred to as a Blue Regal which can cause confusion due to the more common Aulonocara Cobue Blue Regal. These two fish are quite different.  The photo is my wholesaler's breeder male. 

This fish is available mostly through my special order program.

Single males are best mixed with other milder Aulonocara peacock males and milder Lake Malawi Haplochromines. 75 gallons or larger tank recommended.  It is hard to beat the color of an all-male African Cichlid Tank. 

The best mix of sex for breeding is one male with 5 to 6 females. 

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Aulonocara Koningsi Mbenjii (Rare)

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