Yellow blaze lithobates males are dark blue with orange on the dorsal fin that becomes more yellow toward the rear of the fish. Orange or yellow may also line the tail and anal fin. Yellow also appears on the top of the head in front of the dorsal fin. Females are cream to silver with two or three large black spots. This is a shy haplochromines type fish that works best with other peaceful haplochromines and peacocks. They tend to be slow to color and especially slow to show full blaze in some cases. 

Don Stoner got this strain for me. This fish is being grown out of in-stock Breeders but is being replaced by a better stain from Germany. Please help me clear this tank so I have more room for new fish. 

Base Price is a 2.5" Male. 

Peaceful to Mildly aggressive haplochromines that mixes well with most other haplochromines, peacocks, milder mbuna, and milder Lake Victorians.

Best kept in single male tanks with milder peacocks and milder Lake Malawi Haplochromines. It is hard to beat the color of an all-male African Cichlid Tank.

The best mix of sex for breeding is one male with five or six females. 

Please note: No sex is guaranteed on sex uncertain fish. Watch for groups with guaranteed males and females for certain sexed fish in a group. Broods are about 50/50.

See Compatibility Chart for More Information

Recommended Foods: Xtreme Cichlid PeeWee 

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Profile Specs
Scientific Name Otopharynx Litobates Yellow Blaze
Common Name(s) Otopharynx Litobates Yellow Blaze
Geo. Origin Southern part of the lake; around the Nankoma Peninsula
Habitat Intermediate zone
Diet Carnivore
Gender Differences Dimorphic
Breeding Maternal Mouthbrooder
Temperament Peaceful
Conspecific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Maximum Size 5.5"
Temperature 78 - 82F
pH 7.8 - 8.6
Water Hardness Hard

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Otopharynx lithobates Yellow Blaze (Zimbawe Rock)

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