• Placidochromis sp. Jalo reef (Rare)

Males have a blue body with darker stripes. They also show some orange on the body. Their tail, dorsal fin, and anal fins are orange as well. 

This is a rare type of Placidochromis. 

Best kept with other haplochromines and larger Jacobfrieberi type peacocks. 

Mildly aggressive to aggressive. It can be too aggressive for milder peacocks. 

The best group for breeding is one male with five females.

90 gallon or larger tank recommended. 

Profile Specs
Scientific Name Placidochromis sp. Jalo Reef
Diet Carnivore
Temperament mildly aggressive to aggressive
Conspecific Temperament Aggressive
Maximum Size 6"
Temperature 78-82 F
Water Hardness Hard

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Placidochromis sp. Jalo reef (Rare)

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