• Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara" Yellow with Red Gene (Europe) (Rare)

Male color can vary. Most males are blue with yellow on the midbody and tail. Some males turn blue with red or reddish-orange on the midbody and tail. These fish are very slow to color. Young males are blue with darker blue lines. As they grow their tail and then the body turns yellow and some turn red or reddish-orange, but often not until they reach 3.5 to 4". The amount of and the shade of red to reddish-orange varies by individual. 

See Article: https://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/a_ngara.php

Base Price is for a 1.5" Sex Uncertain. 

These fish are grown out from smaller sizes obtained from my wholesaler. I am hoping to develop a breeder group so I can breed more of them on my own in order to lower price over time. 

The second photo is a part color male with the reddish-orange shade. 

 Last count 6/25/2019. Next count due 7/12/2019

Little Color males have egg spots on the anal fine only

1/2 color males have the beginning of color on the body (maybe yellow) 

3/4 color males have a good amount of color on the body, but not quite a full color 


Profile Specs
Scientific Name Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara"
Common Name(s) Ngara Red
Habitat Intermediate areas
Diet Carnivore
Breeding Mouth Brooder
Temperament Peaceful
Conspecific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Maximum Size 5"
Temperature 78-82 F
pH 7.8-8.6

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Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara" Yellow with Red Gene (Europe) (Rare)

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