• Aulonocara Saulosi Border (Green Face) (Europe-Rare)

Males develop a blue-green face. Their face gets more green with age. The body is blue with an orange-Brown shoulder and faint orange-brown lines. Yellow-orange egg spots appear on the anal fin. 

Rare peacock cichlid from the one spot in the lake where the green appears on their face.

This fish is very slow to grow and I only have a few. Fry are delicate and can be hard to raise, Fry needs salt in their water.

This fish is being discontinued from in store. Please help me clear then out so I have more space for more core grow-out fish. 

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These fish are grown out from the 1.5" or smaller size from the wholesaler. Price may be higher as a result. 

The base price is for a 2.5" 3/4 color male

Profile Specs
Scientific Name Aulonocara Saulosi Border
Common Name(s) Green Face Peacock
Habitat Intermediate water
Diet Carnivore
Gender Differences Dimorphic
Breeding Mouth Brooder
Temperament Peaceful
Conspecific Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size 6"
Temperature 78-82F
pH 7.8-8.6
Water Hardness Hard

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Aulonocara Saulosi Border (Green Face) (Europe-Rare)

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