• Protomelas taeniolatus OB (OB Super Red Empress) (Hybrid)

Males start out grey with black blotches on the body. Some may show a blue hue on the body as well. As they grow older the middle body takes on a more orange look and their face turns more blue-green.  Tails are generally red with some red on the dorsal fins. Since this fish is a hybrid color may vary between individuals. Most look similar to an Orange and Blue OB Peacock. 

These fish are mainly available through my special order list. Occasionally, I may bring in some 3-inch or larger males depending on demand. 

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter in your account (Name, Address, Phone number for shipping purposes) to know when these fish are available. 

Price is for a 3" Part Color Male. 

Full-color males have orange on the mid-body. 

3/4 color males have some orange on the body

1/2 color males have a hint of orange on the body

Little color males have no orange on the body. 

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Protomelas taeniolatus OB (OB Super Red Empress) (Hybrid)

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