• Aulonocara sp. "Chitande Type North" Nkhata Bay Yellow Head (Rare)

 Males have a yellow head and a light blue to a grey body with darker blue stripes. They have yellow on their dorsal fin with a dark black line on the upper portion of the dorsal fin. Anal fins have many yellow egg spots. These fish are very slow to show full color.

 They are only available through my special order program.

This fish is somewhat delicate.

Best kept in breeder groups or colonies. Single males may struggle to show color in single mixed male tanks. 

The best group for breeding is one male with five to six females. 

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Profile Specs
Scientific Name Aulonocara sp. "Chitande Type North"
Common Name(s) Yellow Head Peacock
Habitat Intermediate Zone
Diet Carnivore
Breeding Mouth Brooder
Temperament Peaceful
Conspecific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Maximum Size 5"
Temperature 78-82 F
pH 7.8-8.6
Water Hardness Hard

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Aulonocara sp. "Chitande Type North" Nkhata Bay Yellow Head (Rare)

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