• Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rocks Sulfur Head (Germany) (Excellent Color Yellow Blaze Z-Rock)

This strain of Zimbabwe Rocks Lithobates is imported from Germany. This fish shows great color. They color up sooner, around 2.5 inches, than the classic Zimbabwe Rocks Strain, and often show a wider yellow blaze on the head than the classic version of this fish. Males are blue with a wide yellow blaze on the head and yellow on the dorsal fin. Some males show yellow on the body as well. A few may obtain a more orange color on their blaze and dorsal fin with age. 

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Base price is for a 2.5" Male These fish are being grown out from fry and occasionally added to from the wholesaler due to high demand. 

Best kept in single male tanks with milder Lake Malawi Peacocks and Haplochromines. 55 Gallon or larger tank suggested. It is hard to beat the color of an all-male African Cichlid Tank. Males of this fish are one of the most colorful I have to offer. 

The best mix of sex for breeding is one male with five to six females. 

Profile Specs
Scientific Name Otopharynx lithobates (Zimbawe Rocks)
Common Name(s) Lithobtes Sulfurhead
Geo. Origin The southern portion of Lake Malawi
Habitat Intermediate Zone
Diet Carnivore
Gender Differences Dimorphic
Temperament Peaceful
Conspecific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Maximum Size 5.5"
Temperature 78-82 F
pH 7.8-8.6
Water Hardness Hard

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Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rocks Sulfur Head (Germany) (Excellent Color Yellow Blaze Z-Rock)

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