• Mylochromis anaphyrmus (Rare)

Males are light blue with a black stripe across the body. The lower body has some yellow mixed into it. Their tail is yellow and their anal fin has yellow egg spots. The rear portion of their dorsal fin is yellow as well.  Females and subadults are silver with a black line along the top of the body. 

Part color males have little male color if any and are 90 best guess by my wholesaler. These fish take a long time to reach full color. They may not color before 5 inches. 

The photo belongs to Ad Konings. I borrowed it until I can get a photo of my own.  

Thes fish max out around 8" to 8.5" 

They tend to be aggressive.

This fish is on the ICUN Red List as threatened in the wild. 

Best kept in single males in four foot wide (120 gallons) or larger tanks with other larger aggressive Lake Malawi Haplochromis

Best mix for breeding is one male with five or six females

This fish is primarily available on my special order list. On a rare occasion, a 3" or large male may appear in stock. 

Base price is a 3" part color male. 

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Mylochromis anaphyrmus (Rare)

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