• Aulonocara Uncertain Yellow Peacock (Sulfur head/Blue Neon Mix) (Hybrid)

Males show blue on the face and yellow on the top of the head. Some males may show a yellow blaze on the head like a sulfur head. Their body and tail are yellow like a Blue Neon This fish is most likely a Sulfurhead/Blue Neon cross. The father is a Sulfurhead. At some point, a Blue Neon female must have got mixed in with Sulfurhead. 

Groups have a sulfur head male with uncertain yellow peacock females. You may more regular sulfur head males than Uncertain Yellow males from fry or smaller sizes.

Base price is a 2.5-inch male.

Last count 11/09/2018. Next count due 11/30/2018. 

Groups include one sulfur head male plus mixed sulfur head/Blue Neon Females. 

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Aulonocara Uncertain Yellow Peacock (Sulfur head/Blue Neon Mix) (Hybrid)

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