• Aulonocara stuartgranti sp."Ngara" (Orange Flametail?)

This stain of Ngara comes from my secondary wholesale source. It is an older odd strain that may be Ngara Orange Flame tail; but, that is uncertain.  Most of the males start out looking like regular Ngara Flametail, then over time turn light blue with orange/red rather than yellow on the body and tail. A few may stay more yellow on the body and tailor Yellow on the body with some red on the tail.  Some may even stay darker blue. These fish are very slow to color.

Last grow out count 11/09/2018. Next grow out count due 11/30/2018. This fish is being discontinued to make room for new varieties. When they are gone, there will be no more. It will be most likely be replaced with the orange Ngara Flametail from Germany down the road. Right now I am waiting on the last few that I have to show more color to be sure how they are going to turn out before selling them. 

Base Price is 2.5" Male.

Peaceful to mildly aggressive Peacock that mixes well with other Peacocks. other than Jacobfreibergi types of a similar color. They also mix well with Haplochromis, milder Mbuna, and milder Lake Victorians in single male tanks. Do not mix different Aulonocara females in the same tank. (See Compatibility Chart) 

Best kept in single males in all male tanks, may work in groups of three or more males, though some secondary males may not achieve full color. 55-Gallon or larger tank recommended.

Best mix of sex for breeding is one male with five or six females. 20-gallon or larger tank recommended. 


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Aulonocara stuartgranti sp."Ngara" (Orange Flametail?)

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