• Aulonocara uncertain red peacock (Hybrid)

Most Males listed for this fish will look similar to the photo. They have Red Shoulder and tail and may also show Lwanda like yellow-orange on the dorsal fins and sometimes on the low part of the anal fin.  Fry can vary and some males may not be Red. 

This fish is being discontinued. Please help me clear their tank for more space. 

Base Price is a 2.5" Male. 

Peaceful to mildly aggressive Peacock that mixes well with other Peacocks, other than Jacobfreibergi types of a similar color, Haplochromis, milder Mbuna, and milder Lake Victorians in single male tanks. Do not mix different Aulonocara females in the same tank. (See Compatibility Chart)

Please note: No sex is guaranteed on sex uncertain fish. Watch for groups with guaranteed males and females for certain sexed fish in a group. Broods are about 50/50.

Recommended Foods: Recommended Foods:  Xtreme Cichlid PeeWee 



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Aulonocara uncertain red peacock (Hybrid)

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