• Cynotilapia  zebroides "Ntekete"  (White/Red Top) (Rare)

Males are blue with black horizontal lines that carry upward into the dorsal fin. Their dorsal fin has both a yellow and white edge. Lower fins are black. Females are duller in color, have more faint lines, and may or may not show yellow or white on the dorsal fin. These fish are very difficult to sex at a young age. Sex is the best guess under 2.5-3 inches. 

They were originally imported by Laif Demasion several years back. CAS purchased some from Laif and have been selling them ever since. However, the time has come to move on and this fish is now being discontinued from stock. When they are gone, there will be no more except for those sold to hobbyists they may still have them. 

Base Price is a 2.5" Male.

Some of these fish were used for a study at York College, York, PA. The results of this study were published in the Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 90(2): 37-43, 2016: THE INFLUENCE OF SHIFTED SPECTRAL SENSITIVITIES ON PREDATOR DETECTION ABILITY OF LAKE MALAWI AFRICAN CICHLIDS1 KELLY M. HANSON2 AND BRIDGETTE E. HAGERTY York College of Pennsylvania, Department of Biological Sciences, York, PA.  This article can be found on page 37 to 43. See http://pennsci.org/journals/ Currently the article is located in the Current Issue. When a new issue comes out, it can be found using the archives link. I am very proud that my fish were used for this study. 

Last grow out count 02/08/2019. Next grow out count due: 03/01/2019. Unless the few that I have left spawn, there may be no more of these fish in the future. 

Base Price is a 2.5" Male

Mildly aggressive mbuna that mixes well with most other mbuna, not of the same color, and mixes well with Haplochromis, milder Lake Victorians, and sometimes with Peacocks as well

Best kept in mixed-sex groups of six or more. Mild enough for single males to mix in all male tanks with milder mbuna, milder peacocks, and milder smaller Lake Malawi Haplochromines that are not too large or aggressive. 

Best mix of sex for breeding is one male with five or six females. 

Never mix two mbuna of a similar color

See Compatibility Chart for More Information

Recommended Foods: Xtreme Cichlid PeeWee, Cobalt Blue (Cobalt Aquatics) Spirulina Pellets or Flakes

More information on  http://www.cascommunityforums.com/


Profile Specs
Scientific Name Cynotilapia Afra Ntekete White/Red Top
Common Name(s) Cynotilapia Afra Ntekete
Geo. Origin Ntekete Bay
Habitat Cavedweller in Rocky Habitat
Diet Omnivore
Gender Differences Dimorphic
Breeding Maternal Mouth brooder
Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Conspecific Temperament Mildly Aggressive
Maximum Size 3" to 3.5 Inches
Temperature 73 -83

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Cynotilapia zebroides "Ntekete" (White/Red Top) (Rare)

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