• Smart Start Complete 12 oz.

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StartSmart Complete:  Our Premier Product for the Serious Hobbyist

  • Formula for freshwater
  • Three products in one (cycles, biological clarifier, great for maintenance)
  • Each use (cycling, clarifier, maintenance) has its own specific dose program on the label instructions
  • Not a chemical, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, 100% natural
  • Safe for fish, aquatic animals, and plants
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Available as an addition to any fish order, shipping, local pickup, local pickup CCA, when in stock.
  • Counts toward one small bag for shipping with a fish order
  • CAS uses this product in our tanks. 
  • This product is sold on Amazon.com for $14.95 plus shipping unless you have Amazon Prime. Adding it to your fish orders will save you money. 
  •  For three packs, please be sure to choose 11 x 11 x 6 Boxes which will be shipped by UPS Ground.
  • For six packs, please be sure to choose 12 x 12 x 10 boxes which will be shipped by UPS Ground. 
  • CAS (Cichlids Are Special) takes no liability on this product. Any injuries caused by the use or misuse of these products are the responsibly of the customer and the manufacturer of each product. When you pay for these products through CAS, you agree to this liability statement and agree not to bring suit against CAS for any problems with this product. 

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Smart Start Complete 12 oz.

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