Special Order Lists

    Special Order lists are available when I am ordering from my wholesaler. The purpose of these lists is to allow the customer to have access to more fish that is impossible to carry in stock due to space limitations. The list is located below the rules and explanation portion of this page. 

Deadline to order for the last special order was Sunday, June 16at 8 p.m.  The fish from that list are listed on the subpages by groups. Sup-pages include Special Order LIst-Aulonocara Peacock, Special Order List Malawi Haplochromines, Special Order LIst Malawi Mbuna, Special Order List Miscellaneous, and Special order list-Victora Basin are now available. Watch for a new order to open in about once a month. Better yet, click yes for the Newsletter in your account and you will get advance notice of special order lists. Lists occur depending on how fast fish sell from the previous order. 

Incoming fish are held in quarantine for two weeks and treated to prevent disease. 

To order from this list, please send an email to cichlidsarespecial1@gmail.com with the fish you want to order. CAS will send you a manual Pay Pal Invoice for the fish. 

 Prices do not include shipping or PA Tax for local pickup or shipment to locations in the state of PA. For shipping options see Shipping Options For local pick up by appointment see Local Pick Up If there are any single males (not aggressive) on this list that you would like me to consider bringing into the store rather than having to order them in advance. If I have room and these fish are compatible with my other incoming fish, I will most likely be able to do this for you. 

Due to the length of these lists, it is best to use the 50 entries option in the drop down to scroll through it.  Please take your time and check out the full list. Click on the subpage listed below this special orders page on the left of your screen. If a list has more than 50 items, be sure to push the next number after 1 (next to Previous) to go to the next page. Do not push Continue, it takes you back to the homepage. 

Note some of the bigger haps, in particular, are slow to color and single males may come as part color. If you get lucky a fish listed as 3-3.75" or 4-4.75" Part Color male may come in full color. 

All special order fish must be prepaid.

Shipping must be paid prior to shipment to the customer. 

These fish can be picked up locally rather than shipped if so desired. 

Any fish lost in shipment from the wholesaler or that fails to come will be refunded. Fish are held in quarantine for two weeks, treated to prevent illness unless the customer chooses to pick them up or have them shipped early. All special order fish must be picked up or shipped within three weeks of arrival from the wholesaler. Exceptions are made for fish club delivery or bad weather. 

Act Quickly before the fish you want sells out. 1.5-2" and 2-2.75" Sex Uncertain come in groups of 6, and up to 20 by request. Many times my wholesaler sends extras in 6 packs. If he sends any extra fish, they are passed on to the customer at no additional charge. If you want more than 6 and they are available, I will sell you more at the same per fish price as the six-pack. 


 3-3.75" Males and XL 4-4.75" Males are available in singles where listed.


If you are not sure about the aggression level or if it will mix with the fish you currently have in your tank of the fish listed below, please email cichlidsarespecial1@gmail.com 

Fish Size Amount Price Discount Club Price
Sample A 1.5-2" Sex Uncertain 6 $0.00 $0.00
Sample B 2.25-2.75" Sex Uncertain 6 $0.00 $0.00
Sample C 3-3.75" Male 1 $0.00 $0.00
Sample D 4-4.75"+ XL Male 1 $0.00 $0.00

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