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My wife and I have been African Cichlid hobbyists for over ten years with a 75 Gallon Community Tank. Large pet store chains have slowly replaced the local pet stores in our area. These chain stores tend to carry a very limited amount of fish livestock, especially in the African Cichlid Line. Our favorite local pet store, and main source for quality African Cichlid fish, closed in October of 2007, as a result of this trend. We purchased tanks, and part of this store's aquarium system, as they were closing, in order to start our own on-line African Cichlid Store, and to provide an alternative to the chain stores for the African Cichlid hobbyist. Since that time, we have added additional tanks, so we can carry more of this wonderful fish. Our tanks now number over 200 plus 23 quarantine tanks for incoming fish.
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The best way to contact me is through email at Support@CichlidsAreSpecial.com

First of all, they are fresh water fish which means they do not need the extra care that salt water fish require. Second, despite being a freshwater fish, African Cichlids offer colors equivalent to some salt water fish. Third, cichlids are smart. They often recognize their owners, and will race to the front of the tank to great them. Community tank cichlids develop a social totem pole. As a result, their interactions between each other are constantly changing, making them exciting to watch. Finally, cichlids come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. This gives their owners endless possibilities for creating community tanks.


Special Thanks to Tony Rizzuto, former owner of Tony's Tropical Fish in North York. His advice has been very helpful in our endeavor to become a quality African Cichlid Fish Dealer. His store closing was a great lost for York Aquarium keepers like ourselves.

Special Thanks also to Brad at York Pet, on Pauline Drive, York, PA. He also provides advice to us, and his used incoming fish shipping boxes for us to recycle, so we can lower our customer's handling costs. We recommend you consider York Pet for your fish tank supplies, and fish food, as well as other general pet needs in the York, PA area.

Special Thanks as well to Darryl Sawyers, former owner of Cichlids Are US, in Litz, PA, for his advice and friendship.

Special Thanks to Lonny Langione, Former ACLC VP, CCY Advisor, and former Pet Store Owner (Delco Plaza) for all his help, friendship and advice.

A huge thank you to James Delgado (U.S. Air Force Member) who designed my new automated site for me.

Thank you to Don Dunkers, on of my loyal customers who helped photo several of my fish for this web site.

Thank you to my friends at the Lancaster Aquarium Club (ACLC), the Capital Cichlid Association (CCY), and the Cichlid Club of York (CCY).

Special Thanks to my loyal customers.

Also we would like to thank Postal Connections for their assistance with our shipping needs. Postal Connections is located in the South York Plaza Shopping Center. We do our Fed Ex shipments through their location.

Additional special thanks to Metro Bank at their South Queen location. They allow me to use their parking lot to meet customers for local fish pick ups.

And especially we thank our quality Fish Farm Suppliers and again our Customers. Without you there would be no Cichlids Are Special.

If you have purchased Cichlid fish from Tony, Lonny, or Darryl, in the past, you know the top quality fish they carried. It is our Goal to provide fish of this type Quality, just like Tony, Lonny, and Darryl.