Group Orders


To order fish through a group order:
Schedule a group order for your fish club or group by contacting me through my email:
Check out the fish available on my website.
Have you members order the fish they want and put a note in the comments part of group order for "Name of Group". This will lock in their fish so no one else orders them. I will send a PayPal Invoice to each club member with the appropriate discount.
CCA Group Order members use Local Pick up CCA for your shipping option and you may choose between Cash on delivery or PayPal as your payment option.
CCY & ACLC Group Order members use Local pick up PA for your shipping option and you may choose between Cash on delivery or PayPal as your payment option.
Group Order discount is 10% off of the base (non-discount club rates) price of any fish on the website. Sale priced fish do not receive the additional discount. Since the web site automatically sets discounted prices for discount members (returning customers), the discount for discount club members will be changed to 10% off the normal non-discounted club rates on the PayPal Invoice they will receive for their order. CCA, CCY, ACLC members, if you choose cash as your payment, I will deduct the correct discount amount from your order and send you an email with the corrected total. If you choose PayPal as your payment option, I will send you a PayPal Refund for the correct discount amount.
Deadline for group order buy lists to be completed will be two business days prior to the planned shipping date.
Shipping choices:

SWA Cargo to an airport close to your location. (This is the best and least expensive way for larger longer distance orders). Please note I use a runner service to deliver the fish to the airport the afternoon prior to shipment. This service is only available Monday to Friday on non-holiday weeks with delivery occurring the next day out of BWI airport. Costs vary. Generally, one to three full boxes cost about $60 to $80 to ship by Freight Service. Most freight service orders go out of BWI on early flights unless the airline is very busy. NFG (Next Flight Guaranteed) service is also available; but, the cost is much higher.  When you order is completed, I will be able to call south-west with the number of boxes used and the estimated weight and give you an estimated quote for the actual shipping cost for both Freight and NFG. It is up to you to choose which service. When I ship I will send you a Way Bill Number so you can track your shipment.

I will need the name, address, and phone number for the person picking up your fish at the SWA Cargo Unit to place on the Waybill. The person picking up the fish will need a photo ID and pay SWA Cargo for their shipping cost by Credit Card. The person picking up the fish is responsible for collecting the shipping fee from the participants in the group order.  

UPS ground or ground delivery to a business in my one-day guarantee zones is the least expensive shipping option. For groups outside of my one-day ground zone, UPS air rates, even with my discount, can be very expensive. I suggest using SWA Cargo for groups outside of my one-day ground zone to save costs. 

If you are close enough to York, you can save shipping and handling by prearranging a local pick up  the one day prior to your club meeting

Live Arrival Guarantee apples as long as you are using UPS One Day in Transit, SWA Cargo, CCA delivery, CCY delivery, ACLC delivery, or local pickups.   

The best time to schedule a group order that needs to be shipped is between April 15 and October 15 in most areas to avoid cold weather delay problems. 

CCA, ACLC, and CCY Club Fish Orders:

Orders will be subject to the same rules and discounts listed above. Arrangements can be made for me to deliver these orders directly to a club meeting for free. I cannot, guarantee, I will be able to stay for the meeting. 

If timed right, I may be able to order (Special Order List) from my main wholesaler supplier who normally carries a massive amount of African Cichlids. 

Special Order list fish: 10% off listed rate other than those already discounted for discount club members (returning customers). 

All special order fish for group orders have to be paid in advance by the deadline on the special order list. PayPal invoices can be paid by credit card or through a PayPal Balance.