Newborn Fry

This list is for informational purposes only. Most fry grows into 1" Sex Uncertain Six Packs in four to six weeks and is added to the site for sale at that time. I do not sell fish under 1". 

Most of these fish grow at the following dates from the time of birth listed below: 

 to 1" (Six Weeks) 

to 1.5" (Nine weeks)

to 2" (12 Weeks)

to 2.5" (15 Weeks) First chance for 2.5" Males

to 3" (18 Weeks) Mbuna begin to slow in growth at this point

to 3.5" (21 Weeks) Many Mbuna are full grown, Some smaller Peacocks begin to slow in growth 

to 4" (24 Weeks) Smaller Peacocks are full grown at this point. Some larger Peacocks and Haplochromis types continue to grow slowly.



Aulonocara Benga 3/1/2018

Aulonocara German Red 3/1/2018

Aulonocara sulfurhead 3/3/2018

Aulonocara Huseri 3/5/2018

Aulonocara Benga 3/5/2018

Lithobates Yellow Blaze 3/6/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 3/6/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 3/7/2018

Aulonocara Blue Neon 3/7/2018

Aulonocara Huseri 3/8/2018

Xy. Kyoga Albino 3/8/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Lab 3/8/2018

Aulonocar Sulfurhead 3/9/2018

Xy. Kyoga Flame 3/9/2018

Aulonocara Ruby Red 3/14/2018

Cyntilapia Cobue 3/14/2018

Aulonocara Blue Neon 3/14/2018

Xy. Kyoga Flame 3/14/2018

Protomelas Pombo Rocks 3/15/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Labs 3/18/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Labs 3/20/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Top Mbumba 3/20/2018

Aulonocara German Red 3/20/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Top Mbumba 3/21/2018

Aulonocara Blue Neon 3/23/2018

Aulonocara Sulfurhead 3/23/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Top Mbumba 3/25/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 3/26/2018

Aulonocara German Red 3/28/2018

Aulonocara German Red 3/31/2018

Aulonocara Lwanda 4/03/2018

Cynotilaipa Ntekete 4/6/2018

Xy. Kyoga Flame 4/6/2018

Aulonocara Benga 4/15/2018

Lithobates Yellow Blaze 4/14/2018

Aulonocara Huseri 4/14/2018

Aulonocara Benga 4/15/2018

Aulonocara Huseri 4/15/2018

Aulonocara German Red 4/16/2018

Aulonocara Lwanda 4/19/2018

Aulonocara Huseri 4/19/2018

Aulonocara Blue Neon 4/22/2018

Cynotilipa Cobue 4/23/2018

Cynotilipa Cobue 4/24/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 4/28/2018

Aulonocara German Red 4/29/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 4/29/2018

Aulonocara Bi-color 5/1/2018

Aulonocara Huseri 5/2/2018

Aulonocara German Red 5/2/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Top Mbumba 5/3/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 5/3/2018

Labidochromis Yellow Labs 5/5/2018

Aulonocara Blue Neon 5/5/2018

Aulonocara German Red 5/5/2018

Labiidochromis Yellow Labs 5/5/2018

Aulonocara Sulfurhead 5/8/2018

Aulonocara Bi-Color 5/10/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 5/10/2018

Aulonocara Bi-Color 5/11/2018

Cynotilapia Cobue 5/13/2018

Aulonocar Bi-Color 5/15/2018

Aulonocara Blue Neon 5/16/2018

Please note: To ensure quality and safe shipment, we do not sell our fry until they have grown to Juvenile size (1 inch or more). Juveniles are normally only available for local pick up or local delivery. Sub-adults and adults are available for local pick up, local delivery, or long distance shipping. Shipping rates vary. Shipping Quotes are available at checkout.