Local Pick UP

Local pick is now available for PA residents in the Green Phase

All customers doing a local pickup from these areas will need to wear a mask when doing the transaction at the church parking area. 

Please note, my local pickup days have changed (see below) due to changes made during the pandemic. 

I need to be extra cautious due to a family member at high risk.

Other area Local Pickups are available again as long as both their area and the York County, PA is in the green phase or if the area you are in has low numbers of Cobid-19.  

Local Township Rules do not allow customers to come to my physical location. One violation could put me out of business with a $1,000 fine and or result in the removal of my license to operate. Please order your local pick up fish online at least one business day in advance so we can arrange for a local pick up at a time that works for both you and me. 

Local pickups can be done as "cash on delivery" (preferred when possible) or by payment using Master Card or Visa through our secure payment processing partner (Authorized.net). Pay Pal is not available for use on Local pickups

Local Pickups (choose "Local Pickup - PA" during checkout) are normally done at one of the below agreed-upon times:

Tue: 1:30 - 3:30 pm / 7:00 - 7:30 pm (No local pickups on Tuesday when new fish are arriving)

Thursday: 1;30-3:30 pm if I do not have a shipment to go out by SWA 

Thursday: 700-7:30 pm. unless overwhelmed by large SWA Cargo orders for that day. 

Saturday: 1:30-3:00 pm or 7:00 pm unless I get behind on tank cleanings for the week. 

If you are coming from a long distance, I will try to make an exception to these times for you if necessary.

My main cleaning and maintenance is now done on Thursday Mornings, Friday, Saturday, and Sometimes on Monday

Hours on the website are general hours when I try to answer the phone or emails when I am not packing fish, doing tank cleanings, or fish count checks, or meeting other customers. The best way to get me is by sending an email to support@cichlidsarespecial.com 

Local pickups need to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance. I need time to plan around cleanings, shipping, etc, so I pack the fish for your order in a timely manner. 

My Local Pick up spot is Luther Memorial Lutheran Church 1907 Hollywood Drive, York, PA 17403.

From I-83 Northbound, take the Queen Street Exit for PA 74 North. Stay in the right lane. Turn right at the second light (McDonald's on the corner). Move immediately to the left lane. Turn Left at the next Light onto Hollywood Drive (Short Distance). Stay in the left Lane. Beware of the intersection on your right where traffic exits the shopping center. If there are cars in the right lane, 90% of the time cars leaving the shopping center will pull out on cars in the left lane not seeing them. Continue up the hill,  you will pass the Mormon Church, the Jewish  Signage, and the Jewish Community Center on your right a short distance from the top of the hill. Luther Memorial will be on your left just past the school field. Please go to the upper side (second entrance just past the church) parking area. Turn Left into the parking area and I will be parked close by. 

From I-83 South Bound, (Northbound return lanes are now open at MT Rose Ave, However, there still may be some construction delays at that exit. Consider Using the Queen Street instructions above exiting on PA 74 South, the first exit southbound on 1-83 for PA 74 North instead. Take the Mt Rose Ave. Exit (caution under major construction). Turn right and go up the hill on Mt Rose Ave. Follow Mt Rose Ave. to the second light. Turn Left at the second Light (Hill Street) (Sunoco on left). Follow the main road as it bears left and becomes Hollywood Drive. Go up the hill to the Church. You will pass York Suburban School just before you come to the upper parking lot for Lutheran Memorial Church on your right. Turn right into the parking area. I will be parked nearby. (You can also stay on I-83 to the Queen Street exit and follow the instructions for northbound I-83 above to avoid the construction on Mt. Rose Ave. )  

From Lancaster and points east, follow US 30 East to North Hill Road (First Light in York). Turn Left on North Hills Road and follow it to Market Street (North Hills Road ends at Market Street). Turn Right on Market Street and move directly to the left lane. (Do not use the I-83 South ramp on your right) Turn Left at Belmont (First Light). Follow Belmont to I-83 South ramp on your Left. Turn Left onto I-83, this lane will become the exit lane for Mt. Rose Ave. Follow I-83 Southbound instructions from here, or use the South Queen Street Exit (PA 74 North) to avoid the Mt. Rose Construction. 

From Hanover and points to my west, follow us 30 to I-83 South. Turn right onto I-83 South and follow the instructions above for I-83 Southbound to the Mt Rose Ave or Queen Street Exits.