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Aquatop TruAqua PH Series Power Head

Superior water movement in all types of aquariums

  • Ideal design for running under gravel filters

  • Includes optional air intake & air regulator for water aeration

PH-16 - 264 GPH - (16 Watt) $18.49

PH-22 - 317 GPH - (22 Watt) $21.99

PH-35 - 422 GPH - (35 Watt) $26.99

Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro Water Pump & Powerhead

  • Maxi-Jet® multi-use water pumps are three pumps in one: power head, utility pump, and now featuring a circulation pump option. Still the best powerhead for powering under gravel filters and running wave maker timers, as well as for running small fountains, calcium reactors and skimmers. 

  • New to the Maxi-Jet, the in-box conversion kit, which can turn the power head into a prop style circulation pump for ultimate water movement inside the aquarium--using the least amount of energy!

  • The Maxi-Jet is the most fully adaptable pump available.

400 Series - 3' Max Head (110/500 GPH) M90509


600 Series - 3.5' Max Head (160/750 GPH) M90510


900 Series - 5' Max Head (230/1,000 GPH) M90511


1200 Series - 6' Max Head (295/1,300 GPH) M90512


Circulation and Wave Pump

Hydor Koralia Third Generation Circulation & Wave Pump

      Universal circulation & wave aquarium pump

  • For freshwater, saltwater & reef tanks

  • Energy efficient operation

  • Anti-vibration design

  • Dual Magnetic Support System allows secure attachment & free adjustment

  • Includes 3 attachments & cable protector

  • Not a filtration pump

1350 GPH - (For 45-75 Marine Gallons) 


1950 GPH - (For 90-180 Fresh Gallons / 55-110 Marine Gallons)


2450 GPH - (For 125-250 Fresh Gallons / 75-150 Marine Gallons)


Tetra Whisper Air Pump - Deep Water

These Whisper Air Pumps are Tetra's most powerful line of air pumps. The pumps are designed for situations that produce greater back-pressure, such as deep tanks (up to 8 feet deep), long decorator air stones, multiple air stones in one or more tanks, and protein skimmers for saltwater.

AP 150 1 Air Outlet 150 gallons $38.95

AP 300 - 2 Air Outlets (300 Gallons) $64.95

Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump

Magnetically driven centrifugal water pump

  • For small to medium garden fountains, piped statuary, and ponds

  • Leakproof, oil-free

    submerged or installed inline

  • Long-life ceramic shaft impeller

  • 1" NPT thread inlet & outlet ports

  • All electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy with no seals to wear or break

  • Approximately 1/2 the energy regular motor driven pumps

  • 10' grounded power cord

  • 5 year limited warranty

Aqua-Mag 5 Pump (500 GPH)


Aqua-Mag 7 Pump (700 GPH)


Aqua-Mag 9.5 Pump (950 GPH)


Aqua-Mag 12 Pump (1,200 GPH)


Aqua-Mag 18 Pump (1,800 GPH)


Aqua-Mag 24 Pump (2,400 GPH)

$214.99 Free Standard Shipping