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http://www.discus-hans-usa.com/  (Discus Hans USA: Baltimore Area Discus Dealer, CCA member, well known in Discus World as one of the best Discus Distributor in the U. S.) I hear this man speak about his life at the CCA. He started out in Holland, then moved to the U.S. When he came to the U.S. he rented a room from a woman with a basement from which he could run his fish business. Later they were married. His business grew and he now has two large buildings and probably the largest selection of Discus in the U.S. In a way, I am following in his footsteps only in the African Cichlid World. I started with a few tanks in my basement, have grown my business to have enough tanks to carry one of the largest selections of African Cichlids in my area. My goal is to become a regional African Cichlid Internet store with the best selection of community tank African Cichlids in my region. However, I do not plan to move into any larger buildings as Hans did.

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