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Wow! This was my first time ordering from CAS. I ordered two black calvus and one yellow calvus. The fish arrived promptly, and were packaged very professionally with heat packs. When I opened the box, I was amazed at the size and quality of my fish! They were more beautiful than any photo could show! They have happily adjusted to their quarantine tank. They love swimming through all the plants and hiding in their caves. I would definitely recommend ordering to friends, and will reorder in the future! Great service, great prices, and gorgeous, healthy fish! Thank you Jay!<br /> <br /> Crazy about calvus in Illinois,<br /> <br /> Missy

- Missy (Illinois)

Jay was very helpful in selecting compatible fish. I truly appreciate the extra effort he puts into making sure his customers get the best fish for the most affordable price and also in fabulous condition! thank you CAS :)

- Cindy (New York)

I made my 1st internet purchase of live cichlids in November from Jay. I was very very pleased with the fish I received from jay they were much more than I expected size was at the top or exceeded the sizes order and great color and looked very hardy .The fish acclimated quickly with in an hour it was like they were here in my tank for months. thanks Jay for providing great customer service & providing great looking fish .<br /> looking forward to purchasing a lot more fish after the holidays... I might have to get a bigger tank for xmas !!! <br /> <br /> Thanks again... happy holidays

- Mike (Conn)

placed an order for a few species of cichlids after much conversation with Owner Jay to make sure I was on the right path, as its my 1st cichlid tank, after many emails even before I was a customer with Jay on setting up the tank correctly he was giving out Great advice, one of the reasons I ordered fish from him was because of the great customer service even Before being a customer ... my fish came fast, packed very safe, very health and been in my tank for a week for a few days are are loving it ! will be placing another order after i pick jays cichlid brain for more reccomendations...thanks,Tim

- Timothy ( LONG BEACH, NY)

Jay's fish are fantastic! They are beautiful and healthy, and they were bigger than I thought they would be. The shipment arrived timely and boxed well. Jay really cares about the fish that he sells. I will definitely be a repeat buyer.

- Andrea (Illinois)

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