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I have a new favorite fish store! Thank you for providing such an incredible selection of beautiful fish at great prices! They are always so well packaged and arriving healthy and strong!

- Karen (Virginia)

I have bought fish from Jay numerous times and am impressed with his quality of fish every time! He has a wide variety of fishes and they always arrive healthy, in great shape and in great packaging. Jay is a very knowledgeable person and replies with prompt answers. Highly recommended seller of high quality fish, not to mention the extremely reasonable pricing.

- Jason (New Jersey)

Jay is a great guy to buy fish from. Always high quality and as advertised. He is great about delivery and a lot of times will deliver same day if he isn't already busy. For anyone looking for cichlids or advice he is your go to guy!

- Matt (Pennsylvania)

When I purchased from you I was very satisfied. The fish you sold me were healthy, they acclimated very well and your shipping was tight. I have since recommended you to a friend that also had a positive experience buying from you. Keep on doing what you're doing and you won't have any problems.

- Chris (Pennsylvania)

The fish arrived right on time like you promised and they were packed very professionally. I am impressed with the quality and health of your fish! Every order has been consistently above the fish and items i have purchased through other web sites and fellow hobbyists. What is important to me is not just how they look when they arrive and are acclimated to the tank but also how well they adjust and look later say in four or five days. Sometimes I have received quality and healthy fish from others and within a day or two (or less) they start to fall apart. I always quarantine my new arrivals and have yet to have a break out of something appear. There are very few vendors that can have a consistent success rate in that area. You are one of those few. You are in good company and have proven yourself to me time and time again. With my new interest and direction of acquiring Shellies (of which yours look astounding) you and I will be in frequent contact and I'm confident and relieved to know that you can provide me with those fish at a very good competitive price. Thanks for all your efforts in maintaining standards of communication and business practices that are getting rare these days.

- Steve (Pennsylvania)

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