Glossary of Terms

Sex Uncertain: This fish is too small or not showing enough signs of specific sex yet. Many times 2.5" and up Sex Uncertain will turn out to be females.

Female: This fish is large enough to show male like color or markings and has yet to do so - however, a few males can be late bloomers

Part Color Male: This fish has signs of being male, usually slight color, egg spots, or other male like markings. Some fish, especailly haps can be slow to turn full color.

Male: These are full color male fish. Mbuna fish are tough to sex and may occasionally full me.

WILD: This fish is collected from their native body of water and imported for the aquarium trade. I rarely get these type fish; but, sometimes they are available by special order.

F1: This fish is the progeny of two wild cichlids and are one generation removed from the wild

F2: This fish is the progeny of two F1 cichlids and are two generations removed from the wild

Pair/Trio Only: These fish are sized based on the male's size (females may be an inch or more smaller)

There are no guarantees of sex, compatible pair, or compatible trio combinations; all fish sold as male and female are considered 'likely male' and 'likely female' respectively


WOW!!!! I received my order from Jay today. All I can say is WOW. The fish arrived healthy and well packed. They were much larger than I expected and acclimated to their new home well. I spend a lot of time hunting down quality fish and driving all over place picking them up, NO MORE! Thanks Jay, wi....

- Donald (South Carolina)

Jay was very helpful with my order. He took the time to look at photos of my current fish and wrote a very detailed email about which ones would be good additions to my tank. His selection is nicer than any local pet store, and when the fish arrived they were in perfect health and condition. His ....

- Christina (Pennsylvania)

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Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback"
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Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback"
1" Sex Uncertain 6 Pack
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