Glossary of Terms

Sex Uncertain: This fish is too small or not showing enough signs of specific sex yet. Many times 2.5" and up Sex Uncertain will turn out to be females.

Female: This fish is large enough to show male like color or markings and has yet to do so - however, a few males can be late bloomers

Part Color Male: This fish has signs of being male, usually slight color, egg spots, or other male like markings. Some fish, especailly haps can be slow to turn full color.

Male: These are full color male fish. Mbuna fish are tough to sex and may occasionally full me.

WILD: This fish is collected from their native body of water and imported for the aquarium trade. I rarely get these type fish; but, sometimes they are available by special order.

F1: This fish is the progeny of two wild cichlids and are one generation removed from the wild

F2: This fish is the progeny of two F1 cichlids and are two generations removed from the wild

Pair/Trio Only: These fish are sized based on the male's size (females may be an inch or more smaller)

There are no guarantees of sex, compatible pair, or compatible trio combinations; all fish sold as male and female are considered 'likely male' and 'likely female' respectively


Just received my first online purchase I must say I was hesitant about buying fish on line Just want to say thanks Jay my thick skin was purchased as a part color male and after 1/2 hour of being introduced it reached full color. They were shipped in a timely manner and packed securely and I was k....

- Stan (Penn)

Thank you ! 1st online purchase and I am very impressed and pleased ! Shipping price was fair for overnight to my doorstep! Can not wait for these little buggers to grow up into beautiful fish !

- Bill Hutt (Pennsylvania)

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