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WOW!!!! I received my order from Jay today. All I can say is WOW. The fish arrived healthy and well packed. They were much larger than I expected and acclimated to their new home well. I spend a lot of time hunting down quality fish and driving all over place picking them up, NO MORE! Thanks Jay, wi....

- Donald (South Carolina)

Jay very helpful and responsive to my questions. The fish arrived in great condition. The redesigned site looks wonderful -- everything is clear, organized, and professional. The compatibility matrix is extremely helpful too. Thanks!

- Steve (New Jersey)

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To see what fish we have for sale, click on one of the selections in our category list. Next click on the name of the specific fish for which you are interested. Then use the drop down under the words "available options" to see what size is available. If there are any groups available, what is included in the group is listed in the fish's description located below the available options area of the page with each fish's name.

Our fish are sold in 1", 1.5" 2", and 2.5" Sex Uncertain groups of three or six.

2.5" and larger males are sold individually.

Pairs, Trios, and groups are available occasionally.

Females can be broken out of pairs, trios, or groups by email request.

Most Females are held for breeding purposes. If I have extra, they will be listed individually.  

Not all the fish shown in these lists are in stock. Some are only available through my wholesaler when I am ordering from him. My current strategy is to stock and grow out my best sellers and add 3-3.75" or larger males of my more popular special order fish when possible. To make this work, I need customers ordering from the special order lists so that I can try to have a new order list available monthly.  I recently found a second source for large Peacock and Lake Malawi Haplochromis Males. I will be reducing the number of fish grown in-house in order to make more room for larger fish. Most of my customers are looking for single males and I am trying to provide as many of those as possible.    



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