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Monday through Saturday: 12:00pm - 8:00pm EST Local Pick Up by Appointment during these hours at my pick up spot. (See FAQ)
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(NOTE: Closed Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and during Cichlid Club of York (CCY) and CCA (Capital Cichlid Club Meetings) when attending.

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I purchased three Boadzulu a little over a month ago. They are easily some of the most attractive fish in all my many aquariums. The two females have better color then some of my male fish. They are so stunning I was wondering if they were possibly males. I stopped wondering when I realized they wer....

- Rebecca (Penn.)

Just received my cichlids,BOY!!! They look amazing....My first time ordering over the internet, not going to lie was a bit doubtful about the whole idea...Can't say that anymore....cichlids look healthy and i'm a happy customer...Will be placing future orders for sure...Services and products are up ....

- Amaury (Astoria,ny)

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Ruby Green Cyanostictus Black Piebald North Orange White Lab Puulu Fire Hap Red Top Chirwa Tanzania Benga Ruby Red Thick Skin Cobue Rock Krib Yellow Blaze Tiger Deep Water Dayglow Flameback
Welcome to Cichlids Are Special

CAS is your #1 source for high-quality African Cichlid fish at low prices. We not only sell these fish, we try to advise our customers on which fish work best together and how best to keep these fish. We take pride in our customer service and do everything we can to make your fish purchase from us enjoyable. Check us out on facebook as well. Please like our facebook page. Spreed the word about our fish to your friends.

Welcome to the Colorful   world of African Cichlid Fish. African Rift Lake Cichlid Fish For Sale are located on our Livestock pages. Rare Afrcian Cichlids For Sale as well. Our fish are for Sale Online or by Local Pick-up by appointment. We carry Peacock Cichlids, Lake Malawi Haplochromis, a Few Mbuna. and Lake Victorian Cichlids. Our fish are geered towrds creating an all male color show tank; but, can also be housed in other ways for breeding. We accept credit card payments through Pay Pal. You do not need a Pay Pal Account to process a credit card payment through them. We also accept cash on local pick ups or deliveries to the CCA and the CCY (Fish Clubs)

If you are new to these fish, please take note only male Peacock (Aulonocara), Lake Malawi Haplochromis, and Lake Victorian Cichlids show color. Both sexes of Mbuna show color. Please check out my advice pages, before you order. Best thing to do is to go through the compatibility chart, make a list of the fish you like that are compatibile and then buy all males from there unless you are planning on breeding.  

Our fish are carefully packed for shipping in indivually tagged bags. Shipping boxes have either strofoam or foil inserts. Newspaper is used for additional packing. Heat packs are added in cold weather. See 

Cihlids are Special is now a proud dealer of Paradigm Fish Foods. You can find what we have in stock on our Paradigm Fish Food Page

Low priced Ground One Day Shipping by Fed Ex is available for customers in PA, NJ, New York City, Maryland, DE, southern NY and CT, Eastern OH,  northern VA,  and northern WV. Use this service to get your live cichlid fish shpped direct to your home. Second day shipping requires the weather stays above 45F for my area, in transit areas, and delivery areas overnight and during the day. No shipping below 32 F, heat packs can freeze and fail. Expect shipping delays until weather warms. Fed EX Orders will be shipped in the order they are received. SWA orders will be worked in with Fed EX orders as time permits.  

Current Conditons allow  for one DayShipping and two Day Shipping by Fed Ex starting Wesdnesday May 27th. SWA Cargo Shipping is avialable as well. Shipping is filled up for Tueday May 26th.

No Fed EX Shipping on Monday May 25, NO SWA Shipping on Monday May 25 and Tuesday May 26 due to Memorial day. Local pick ups by appointment will be considered for Monday May 25th.  

Support small family owned business and local pet stores if you want these fish to remain avialable. See Article: Where has my Fish Store Gone

Christmas Gift Certicate and Customer of the Year Contest: Every customer that purchases at least $100 worth of fish from Cichlids Are Special duing this contest will receive a Christmas Bonus Gift Certicate for 5% of their yearly total rounded to the cloest dollar. The person who purchases the most fish for the year during this contest will have an extra $25 added to their Christmas Gift Certificate and have their name announced in our Newsletter and on our Facebook page. Complete rules are on our Terms and Conditions Page.

CAS is the best place to buy your African Cichlids and get free advice. We carry primarily community tank African Cichlids that can be mixed together to produce an extremely colorful tank. Please visit our compatibility chart for more information about mixing these type fish in a community tank and out Suggested Show Tank Page for a list of how to mix most of our fish to get great color. If you are looking to breed these fish, check out my breeding recommenadtions page. Unlike some retailers, I offer this advice so that both you and your fish will be happy, in hope that you will return for more fish later.

GOAL: To carry, maintain, and sell high-quality African Cichlid Community Tank fish stock available in the Mid-Atlantic Region at low affordable prices, and to provide information through my advice and other information pages to help my customers choose the fish that will work best for their set up.

MISSION: To provide quality African Cichlid Fish, and Syndontis Catfish to the hobbyist at a fair price and with excellent customer service, promoting the fish keeping hobby so that these fish, particularity those in the C.A.R.E.S. program, can be enjoyed for generations to come.

We are closed on Sundays. Emails and internet orders received on Sundays or other days that we are closed will be processed the next business day. Our phone is only monitored during business hours. Please take note of those hours on the top right hand corner of this page. Closed for most CCA and some CCY meetings (see club meetings page). Closed Saturday April 25 for CCY meeting in Spring Grove, PA with Ray Kingfish. 

email address is:  The best way to contact me for Customer Service is by email.

Live fish arrival guarantee. Gift certificates are given for fish that die during shipment. Refunds are given for fish not available at time of shipment including over charge for shipping. It is very important that your email address in your account is correct and does not contain any spelling or typing error which can cause gift certificates and refunds not to go through. Please see or terms and conditions page for more information.

We ship to the Continental U.S by Fed Ex or SWA Cargo. Honolulu Hawaii is now available through SWA/ Hawaiian Airlines Cargo. All shipments to Hawaii  require a customer import permit. San Juan, PR is also now available through SWA Cargo.  We do not ship outside of the US,  to Alaska or by USPS. 

Most of our fish are grown at our facility. A few of our fish still come from wholesale sources. 

Minimum Fish Order using Pay Pal is $25.00 unless a gift coupon is used for part of the payment. This amount does not include any shipping fee.

Second Day Shipping is limited to areas where the temperatures do not drop below 45F durng transist. Next Day and SWA Cargo Shipping requires 32F or higher during transist for safe shipping. 

Local pick ups by appointment, we are primiarly an intenet store due to township rules.

The lowest price listed for a fish, other than a sale price, is for the smallst size (1" Sex Uncertain), for additional sizes and prices, including sexed males, use the drop down located in each fish's profile. 

More information is available on my FAQ (Frequently asked Questions), Terms and Conditions Page, Advice pages, Ways to Keep African Cichlids, Policy Pages and our About US page. Please feel free to check these pages out.


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