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I was very satisfied with my CICHLIDS. The size their health and they adjusted very well. I'll be picking up more to get a large variety of color in my 125 gallon cichlid tank.. Now I just cant wait till their color starts to come..... thank you

- john (marysville, pa)

I have bought fish from Jay numerous times and am impressed with his quality of fish every time! He has a wide variety of fishes and they always arrive healthy, in great shape and in great packaging. Jay is a very knowledgeable person and replies with prompt answers. Highly recommended seller of hig....

- Jason (New Jersey)

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Welcome to Cichlids Are Special

CAS is your #1 source for high-quality African Cichlid fish at low prices

Welcome to the Colorful   world of African Cichlid Fish           

Please take note our new email address is:  The best way to contact me for Customer Service  is by email

We are closed on Sundays. Emails and internet orders received on Sundays or other days that we are closed will be processed the next business day. Our phone is only monitored during business hours. Please take note of those hours on the top right hand corner of this page. Closed for most CCA and CCY meetings (see club meetings page). Next CCA meting is April 12, 2014. Next CCY Meeting is April 26, 2014

Shipping sale: Save $10.50 (cost for new boxes) off normal shipping rates while used boxes are available.

Minimum Fish Order using Pay Pal is $25.00 unless a gift coupon is used for part of the payment. This amount does not include any shipping fee.

Local Picks available during normal business hours by appointment.  CAS is an internet based store. We can not sell from our physicall address due to township rules.

Note: for contents of groups listed on some fish, be sure to check the description at the bottom of the page for that specific fish.

If you are looking for males only, stick to buying the part color males and males listed on this site. If you need females from the sex uncertain, add a comment that you want females from the uncertain if possible.

Weather Delay is in no onger in effect.

The lowest price for a fish is for a single 1" Sex Uncertain size. The drop down under each fish, shows the price and quantity available for additional sizes.

I ship to the Continential U.S by Fed Ex or SWA Cargo. Honolulu Hawaii is now available through SWA/ Hawian Airlines Cargo. All shipments to Hawai  require a customer inport permit. San Juan, PR is also now available through SWA Cargo.  I do not ship outside of the US,  to Alaska or by USPS.

If you are unsure about shipping cost, run your order through the system and choose Fed Ex Ground Home Delivery. If the system give you a price for one day shipping this way, that is the least expensive way to ship. If you are outside of my one day ground zone, consider purchasing $100 worth of fish and using SWA Cargo to an airport new you. Airports severed by SWA Caro are listed in that Cart Option. Once you send me a SWA Cargo order, I will get you a shipping quote and we can deceide to process or cancel the order from that point.

The cart shipping prices now include heat packs. Second Day shipping will be limited to areas that stay above 45F which may not occur very often until spring. One Day Shipping and SWA Cargo is avaialbe year round as long as tempatures are not below 33 F during the day or 25F for an extended part of the transist time at night or if there is snow an or ice that could cause a delay in delivery. Heat packs can some times fail if its below freezing for too long a period.

Fish Sizes: To see all the sizes of each fish currently available; once you open an individual fish, click on its name and the drop down will show all the sizes and prices for that fish.

CAS is the best place to buy your African Cichlids and get free advice. We carry primarily community tank African Cichlids that can be mixed together to produce an extremely colorful tank. Please visit our compatibility chart for more information about mixing these type fish in a community tank and out Suggested Show Tank Page for a list of how to mix must of our fish to get great color. If you are looking to breed these fish, check out my breeding recommenadtions page. Unlike some retailers, I offer this advice so that both you and your fish will be happy, in hope that you will return for more fish later.

GOAL: To carry, maintain, and sell one of the largest variety of high-quality African Cichlid Community Tank fish stock available in the Mid-Atlantic Region at low affordable prices, and to provide information through my advice and other informations pages to help my customers choose the fish that will work best for their set up.

MISSION: To provide quality African Cichlid Fish, and Syndontis Catfish to the hobbyist at a fair price and with excellent customer service, promoting the fish keeping hobby so that these fish, particualary those in the C.A.R.E.S. program, can be enjoyed for generations to come.

If you buy C.A.R.E.S. Program fish in pairs, trios, or mixed sex uncertain from this site please register them through your local fish club or directly through the C.A.R.E.S. web site at

Discounts: I offer several types of discounts. The cart will automatically deduct most of these discounts. After your first  fish order (Amazon Orders do not count)  you will become a discount club memeber and will receive more and larger discounts for repeat orders. Additional discounts are offered in the banner on the top of my home page. To take advantage of banner discounts, please do not forget to jog down the code in the banner and enter it into the cart at the appropriate spot before completeing you order.    Banner discounts are not automatically deducted and they need to be applied to the cart by the cutomer at time of sale. To use a Gift Coupon or Floating Banner Discounts, please see my Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Page for a video on how to apply these to an order. 

Specials:  The programing for this site displays the lowest price for the smallest size fish in a group. As a result when a special is on a larger size fish or a group of fish (Example: six Pack), the special price may display as a higher price than the regualr price. (Example: Fish $6.00/ $24.00, may mean that a 6 pack of 1" fish are on sale for $24.00 or that a larger size of this fish may be on sale). To find out what size or group of this fish is on sale, click on the fish name and the drop down will show you.

More information is available on my FAQ (Frequently asked Questions), Terms and Conditions Page, Advice pages, Ways to Keep African Cichlids, Policy Pages and our About US page. Please feel free to check these pages out.

Used Shipping boxes needed. 18" x 18" x 10" or 20" x 16" x 10" styrofoam with carboard cover are preferred. If you have any of these and can get them to me at my local meeting place, please contact me. Used boxes save my customers shipping cost and save me from having to put out money in advance to buy 100 new ones at a time.

Customers can also choose to return a used box for a future order by USPS (Least Expensive Way). For me to be able to use this box over, it must have both the inside styrofoam container and the outside carborad cover and be in good shape. If you return a box that can be reused to me, I will hold it as long as I have space to do so and will refund $10.50 on your next shipping order when the box you sent me is put to use for your next order. 

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